Persuasive Essay: Why Guns Should Be Banned In America

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One of these things I'm about to list is banned in america for our safety, the Kinder Chocolate Egg. It is a german chocolate egg, milk chocolate outside, and white chocolate on the inside, with a small toy inside. Or an AR-15 assault rifle that has the ability to fire 100 rounds of incendiary ammo in 10 seconds and has killed hundreds of men, women and children. Which one do you think is more lethal? If you guessed the AR-15 You are wrong it is the kinder egg. Gun control is a highly debated topic because hunters and recreational shooters carry and use guns for a living while others carry guns for malicious intent and a mind to kill. People argue about gun control because a lot of people do not misuse the weapons but all it takes is one well-coordinated…show more content…
Nearly 400,000 gun crimes are committed every year the united state has the highest death rate of firearm deaths (30,000 a year) (Watkins). 280 million to 300 million guns are in the hands of americans & in 2010 606 people were killed in accidental shootings 62 were children under 15 (Goldberg). The National Rifle Association (NRA) says banning assault rifles will not prevent crime (Lupica) that statement is false due to the fact that almost every crime that has gained any publicity in 2015 had a gun If you still do not believe the fact that there should be more controls on guns listen to this The following has some graphic descriptions The year is 1999 in a small high school in colorado named columbine at 11:17 AM Two Kids Named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold planted a bomb in their school so when the bombs went off they would try to kill as many students as they could with weapons they brought to school with them 15 were killed in this tragedy and the president at the time Bill Clinton said he would change gun laws in this country that was a blatant and dirty…show more content…
NOT “i can carry a hand cannon whenever i want wherever i want” The rebuttal “guns don’t kill people people kill people” is false Guns are the tool the device that is used for the killing. It is true that shoot outs don’t happen everyday but as time goes on the frequency of these shootouts increases (Burrus) . all of this evidence listed here has 1 thing in common there is little to back up this evidence what backbone does the argument “guns don’t kill people people kill people have” the second amendment doesn’t even mention concealed carrying or for everyday use . Guns Should be restricted if not all guns than just military weapons in civilian possession. If we as americans as humans and we don’t make a change or anything more people will
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