Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Many things can happen inside of schools, including unexpected things. There are dangers in schools that without the proper equipment to defend against it can result in death. That equipment are guns. When people threaten the school with guns and violence, then we the students and staff need to be ready to counter the intruder. If we do not counter the intruder there could be injuries and even death.
There are many dangers in schools this generation. There’s a chance that strangers just walking into any school they want and causing a massacre. Specific people should be designated to carry guns in schools to allow us to fight an intruder instead of just being sitting ducks. Other than hiding in classrooms and waiting for the intruder to hopefully pass without coming into our classroom, we could have a trained teacher, principal, or any member could protect the
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They believe that there should be someone on guard such as a police officer. Which I can understand, I do fully agree that there should be someone that is trained and trusted as a person overall to carry a gun inside somewhere that is often known to be a target. If there are maybe 2-4 officers in the school at all time they can spread out across the school and hopefully be able to stop the intruder before anything bad happens.
There should be guns allowed in school, but only by someone who is trained for the job. So like they went to a military school or trained to be a security guard. Someone who can be trusted with a gun other than a teacher that has had little to no experience. Also there should be forms or something to notify the parents that there are trained people with arms inside the school for protection. With this said as long as the school can create a safe environment by making the kids feel safe with guns in the school instead of feeling in danger, even with the guns in the school, they should be
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