Guns Should Be Banned On Campus Essay

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As seen on the news and almost all of social media, there is a plethora of crime in the schools today. People have come up with the idea that students and teachers should carry guns on campus. For many people, this has brought a great deal of worry and stress. Not to mention, college is already stressful enough, and a gun being in the hands of the wrong person would be devastating. To make sure a gun is not getting into the hands of the wrong person, certain rules and standards for getting a gun need to be set in place. For college purposes, the safety of the campus and the people is crucial. As far as the students and staff on the college campus, it should not be a concern to worry about guns while trying to teach and learn. Without guns being present, this will protect the teachers and students and create a positive learning environment. For many reasons, guns should not be permitted on a college campus. One of the main reason that guns should not be allowed on a college campus is because it is a safety issue. Even though some people believe that having a gun in college…show more content…
Protecting everyone on a college campus is a very important task. The students should attend college to learn, not to worry about a gun. If a student carries a gun, multiple things could happen. Someone could snatch it from the person carrying it. Even if a teacher has one at a desk or on him/her, someone could take it. The best protection would be not to allow any weapons on a college campus. This would keep everyone safe and protected.
In conclusion, guns should not be permitted on a college campus. There is too many incidents that could happen either by accident or on purpose with the presence of a gun. Consequently, there is still college shootings going on today. These catastrophes can be limited with a few things. These few things include stricter gun laws and better security in
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