Guns Should Not Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Would you feel comfortable with a teacher having a handgun around your child? Teachers should not be allowed to carry hand guns at schools. Teachers have one job, and that’s to share their knowledge and educate students. It is not Teachers jobs to teach and worry with the concept of protecting their students by carrying a gun. Teachers are not policemen. Teachers carry enough responsibility on their shoulders, and by having to worry with a concealed weapon is just too much. Hang guns should not be allowed in school because, teachers are not properly trained, some teachers may not have the mind set to carry a gun, It will distract the students, and the cost for the permits, the gun, and the class can be expensive. There is a lot to consider on teachers and guns, but one thing is for sure, not all people who carry guns should.…show more content…
They are playing on their cell phones, talking to their friends in class, or maybe thinking about what they are going to do when they leave school that day. By adding a concealed weapon to the mix, students could miss important information in the classroom. An additional con is that students may feel uncomfortable with a teacher having a weapon. Not all students are raised around guns and could have a problem being so close to one. That alone could render a student focused on their education.

Last, the cost of teachers carrying a concealed weapon is expensive. A hand gun can cost over 200.00 or 300.00 dollars. The permit to carry a hand gun cost as well; according to (Csere, 2013) a gun permit in Kentucky is 60.00 dollars. A gun safety class can cost about 20.00 dollars or more. If you had to purchase these three things alone, cheap as possible, you will spend on average 350.00 dollars per teacher. That can affect a school’s budget which will result in affecting the student’s education. There is no reason to spend that amount of money on each teacher when it is not
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