Guns Should Not Be Allowed On College Campuses

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Guns Should Not Be Allowed On College Campuses A recent statistic, show that there have been more than forty-seven deadly shooting took place on a school campus in the years of 2015, and these number keep increasing each year. As a college students, being able to concentrate in school have always been their number one priority. However, knowing that the student who is walk, seating, or standing next to them carry a loaded gun with them will not help these students achieved their goal, but cause them to lose concentration and drop off out college. According to an online article, “The number of United States school shootings in 2015 has climbed to 52, with 30 people killed and 53 others injured,” also “ Of the 52 shootings, 21 have been at colleges and universities, 15 at high schools, three at middle schools, 10 at elementary schools, two at…show more content…
Students should not be allowed to carry guns on college campuses, for the following reason, guns on campus would distract from the learning environment and lead to an increased number of suicides by college…show more content…
Suppose you are in a debate classroom, your classmates debating about an ongoing topic toward school policy, whether or not guns should allow on school campus. Since, each debate always have a group of students go against another group. The result of this kind the debate could cause harm those students who support the idea that guns should not allow in school campus. According to CNN, “The man who gunned down nine people at an Oregon community college was enrolled in the class where the fatal shootings

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