Gunther Cardigan Case

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Two adults entered the hospital room which housed the man by the name of Gunther Cardigan, who was pushing 83. Although it may be considered cruel, there wasn’t a soul on the continent who would find surprise in seeing Mr. Cardigan attached to life support. As one may expect from a chronic alcoholic, he had been in and out of the hospital frequently enough such that one may even jest that he was a regular. After accumulating one too many misdemeanors, a judge had him sent to rehab; this was encouraged by a disproportionate amount of hospital staff who had grown tired of threatening him over the various dangers of excessive drinking. Despite being generally successful, rehabilitation would not undo the damage to Mr. Cardigan’s internal organs, and his son, one of the adults looming over his bedside, would begrudgingly offer up one of his kidneys for a transplant after being declared a match – yet this was not the reason Gunther Cardigan would be lying on his deathbed. Seemingly finding difficulty in moving his head, Mr. Cardigan would not commit an action beyond the fluttering of his eyes, but this was enough to look between the two watching over him. “Nathaniel, Julie,” croaked Cardigan, baring a faint smile at the two – however the two failed to return the gesture. “It’s just…show more content…
With elation shrouding his voice, Mr. Cardigan exclaimed, to the best of his ability, “that’s wonderful, I’m sure your officers are working hard and bringing crime in this city to a halt as we speak, with my son leading them, it’s impossible to have any misgivings that criminals will get the punishment they deserve. Frankly, I’m surprised there’s actually people opposed to life sentences and the death penalty.” Becoming uneasy once again from the manner Mr. Cardigan spoke, Nate and Julie glanced at once another, as if they were asking each other “he’s kidding,

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