Guru Gatsha Speech

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“Sex is not at all required. When God wish, he sends a soul inside the female body and they give birth.” Guru Jogendra used to explain life like that way. “It is a misuse of energy. Sacrifice your sex and communicate with the god.” Said in front of devotees. “Delirium!” Jagan said to Raghu. “He is making the devotees fool.” He expressed his anger. “We have nothing to do with that. It is better to adjust here than sleep at the roadside and bagging for food.” Raghu said. “Guru Jogendra called me. He said to meet him tomorrow evening.” Jagan said. “Go and meet him.” Raghu replied. “He might advice you about the duties you have to perform.” “May be! But I am bit nervous.” Jagan said “Don’t worry. Go and visit him.” Raghu assured Jagan but he was also bit nourvious to see the entair enviromet and doings of guru Jogendra. Next day Jagan went to Guru Jogendra with a ferefull mind. After initial introduction guru Jogendra started his philosophical speech. “You know India is the Land of Kamasutra. But the philosophy decoded wrongly. Kamsutra is not a manual for sex, it is a guide line that how you control the sex and get closer the God.” Guru Jogendra smiled and said in his own way. Jagan was confused. He was looking surprisingly to guru Jogendra. Before that other Guru’s also told about sex and God but Jogendra was unique. Most of that was also full of myths and fallacy. But it was cover with some popular religious coating. “Do you want to touch God? Do you want to see him?”

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