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Guru is a biographical movie based on a small town guy with modest beginnings who goes onto establishes the country’s biggest private company with the help of shareholders. The movie compactly binds the story of a successful entrepreneur and his simple life. The protagonist faced problems at every step but he remained patient and found solutions to his problems with his ingenuity. The spirit of the movie lies in the final minutes, in a court hearing scene. He summarizes the anomalies of the pre-liberalization Indian business situation, how "Licence Raj", Market Imperfections, Excise duties, Import-Export regulations and corruption troubled the businessmen and mired the growth of the economy and nation.
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The story is very simple but it is the narration which makes the movie standout. The main protagonist of the movie is not portrayed as a person with an aura of invincibility but as a good business man who can talk and do the right things at appropriate times. Through this movie the director tries to capture the Indian business situation of the 1950’s-80’s and the troubles of an ordinary entrepreneur trying to do business in pre-liberalization period.
Tolerance of career failure in India is very low and entrepreneurs are not viewed with the same appreciation as in the developed world. Indians are risk averse. We would rather look at a person who likes to take risks and praise him for breaking out of the well trodden path, than take the path ourselves. The main protagonist teaches us to dream and dream big. He ignores the opposition from his family and pressure from society and follows the path to achieve his
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If you can dream it you can do it. Think big think fast think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly and you do not require an invitation to make profits. Growth has no limit, pedigree is no longer of significance in modern India and it is performance that is crucial. If you work with determination and with perfection success will follow. Meeting deadlines is not good enough beating deadlines are my expectation. Pursue your goals even in face of difficulty; convert adversity into opportunity and challenge negative forces the past will give in and you will certainly win. Never give up, courage is my conviction, hope is your most powerful weapon, self confidence is your greatest asset. I bet on people ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things in our

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