Gustav Holst's Influence In Musical Education In English Schools

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Gustav was a English composer, arranger, and an teacher. He is best known for his orchestral suite The Planets. He composed a large number of other works across a range of genres, but no others achieved comparabe success. His compositional style was the produce of many influences, Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss being most crucial early in his development. Gustav Holst was a huge influence in musical education in many English Schools. Holst was very stubbornly independent and explored in the musical world. His piece would later become very popular.

Gustav Holst, Original name Gustavus Theodore Von Holst, was born September 21, 1874 in Cheltenham, England. He is the child of Adolph Von Holst, a professional musician, and Clara Cox, who
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He was frusterated that he couldn’t contribute to the war but his wife Isobel could. Holst continued to teach and compose, he worked on The Planets and prepared his chamber opera Savitiri for Performance. In 1917 he wrote The Hymn of Jesus which was seen as an very amazing piece. Holst later composed Ode to Death, a setting of a poem by Whitman, which according to Vaughan Williams, is considered by many to be Holst’s most beautiful choral work. When Holst went into his forties is when his piece The Planets became popular. In 1927 Holst wrote a orchestral piece Egon Heath, inspired by Thomas Hardy’s Wessex. Holst when on to make multiple other pieces before his death in May 25, 1934 due to an heart strain that an heart operation couldn’t help.

Gustav Holst is an very well known name in the musical world. His pieces are very popular and he was a amazing teacher for the musical world. Even though he had an bunch of illness and injurys that could of held him back he didn’t let them and continued his love for music. With his dad being in the music world its no wonder that Holst was so involued with music from an young age and continued it his whole life. Even though Holst didn’t become popular until he was in his fortys, Holst is an very impirtant composer and his music will live on and has lived on long past his

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