Gutenberg Greatest Invention

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It is said that the greatest invention of all time is the printing press, and not many can argue against that. The first printing press has made a path to the printing press made in the 1800’s to more modern copying machines that we use everyday. We owe all of these newer printing machines to the man who made the most famous version of the greatest invention of all time, Johannes Gutenberg.
The creator of the printing press, Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, was born in Mainz, Germany, circa 1395. In his youth, Gutenberg developed great skill in working with metal and other malleable materials. A little while later, Gutenberg was forced to move out of his home city of Mainz to Strasbourg due to a conflict between officers of the town. When he got to Strassburg, he started to perfect his craft in working with metal, and learned how to cut gems. In his new town, he also taught people how make his own favorite personal crafts. During his time teaching these classes, he became partners with three other men named Andreas Dritzehn, Hans Riffe, and Andreas Heilmann. Through a contract that stated that if one of the men died, the rest would be greatly compensated financially. Eventually, the death of Andreas Dritzehn lead to the invention of the printing press.
When the third partner
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Because of his debt, Fust took over Gutenberg’s business which was the center around his invention of the printing press, and his newest creations, the “Forty-Two-Lined” Bible, and the Psalter. After this trial was settled, Fust and his son-in-law Peter Schoffer became partners and ran Gutenberg’s old printing company. Schoffer just so happens to be the old employee of Gutenberg and was the most skilled printing under Gutenberg. They continued to print using Gutenberg’s methods and most of his machines until both of their
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