Gutter Dome Case Study

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Leaves, those beautiful things that adorn trees and provide lush green color in the warmer months and vibrant red, yellow, and orange during the colder months, are not as harmless as some might think. An excess of leaves has the potential to clog and weigh down gutters, thus causing homeowners a pretty penny to do repairs. To prevent expensive gutter repair, Altmann Roofing & Construction, the roofing company of Arnold, MO, is here to share information about some of the leaf solutions they offer customers. Gutter Guards: This simple and incredibly effective device protects gutters from pine needles, twigs, leaves, and other materials that are often the culprits behind clogged gutters. Additionally, because gutter guards stop leaves from clogging the gutters, homeowners will never have to worry about cleaning the gutters themselves. When people do their own gutter cleaning it only temporarily remedies the problem, plus it puts them in a dangerous situation. Consult with Altmann Roofing & Construction to learn about the three different gutter guard options they provide.…show more content…
It is made of a stainless steel wire mesh that completely covers rain gutters and will fit on many different gutter materials including wood grain, vinyl, copper, and aluminum. The Gutter Dome can be installed by the contractors of Altmann Roofing & Construction and is an environmentally-friendly, long-lasting leaf solution. To consult with the experts of Altmann Roofing & Construction about leaf solutions, call them at (636) 282-7215. For more information about all of their residential and commercial roofing services, visit their website and like them on
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