Guy De Maupassant's Psychological Thrillers

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Fear of fear itself might seem like a farfetched notion or a highly complex subject matter, according to different perspectives. But it might not be too far off the mark to say that this particular branch of fear is the basis of every other kind of fear and all of them sprout of it only. Psychological thrillers and mysteries are a mix of drama, thriller, and mystery genres thrown in with the psychological elements meant to confuse readers and make them uncomfortable in its similarity to the deeper and sub-conscious parts of their own minds. They are read not just because it gives an insight into the psyche of characters and how it differs from their outward actions but also because they introduce a general and universal theme of
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His works, mostly set in trivial backgrounds with unassuming characters which then lead to some baffling twist leaves the readers breathless in its simplicity and logic. Though, till this date, it is matter of debate if the more upsetting and thought-provoking works of Maupassant in psychological mystery and thriller genre are so realistic due to him belonging to the naturalistic school and being a distinguished writer or was it because of his own personal experiences as a patient of syphilis, resulting in his declining mental…show more content…
It is a beautiful irony that it is his fear of not being alone; always being watched and observed by an unseen entity also leads him into being scared of being alone. The fascinating aspect of the narrator’s mind is his acceptance of the fear he knows to be irrational, a tendency to be scared of his own fears. He knows that he has just made it all up in his mind, and this being his eyes can’t perceive, will leave him alone if he is not alone and has someone to keep him constant

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