Guy De Maupassant's Two Friends

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There are two stories I will be comparing and contrasting. The first story is called “Two Friends” by Guy De Maupassant. The other story is called “The Interlopers” by Saki. The first element I will be contrasting from the two stories is the character. In the story the “Two Friends” the two friends were really great friends and they would go fishing together every Sunday. While in the story “The Interlopers” Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym are enemies. They are fighting over land and they don’t like each other in the beginning at all and they were about to kill each other. This shows that the story “Two Friends” and “The Interlopers” are almost the opposite of each other. The next element would be conflict. Conflict is very…show more content…
The story is taking place from 1870-1871. Morissot and Sauvage run into each other in the city, but leave to go fishing. Maupassant’s peaceful descriptions of weather and landscape are set directly against descriptions of the war.These sets of peaceful and pleasant scenery descriptions serve as a counterpoint to the ongoing war, which regularly intrudes on what seems to be a peaceful outing. This is a significant period of war, and there is a lot of ongoing violence and threats from the attacking Germans and Prussians. Maupassant vividly describes how peaceful and wonderful the fishing spot used to be: 'In the spring. . . the early sun caused a light mist to float on the water. But in the story “The Interlopers” the story takes place in a wooded forest in the Carpathian Mountains that extend through parts of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and the Ukraine. The setting is also a “narrow strip of precipitous woodland” that the families of the two main characters have been conflicting over for several generations. When the two main characters are out hunting on this piece of land, the setting is described in a way that emphasizes the danger it represents, as one character
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