Guy Montag In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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In the inventive, groundbreaking novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the life of ordinary firefighter Guy Montag is completely overturned when his mind is opened to the possibilities of life and reality. As the story begins, Guy Montag contently works as a modern firefighter, burning books that have been outlawed and destroying the remnants of any old knowledge without questioning his actions. He lives a simple life and does not challenge his quiet surroundings. One night though, he encounters a young, incredibly bright girl by the name of Clarisse on a walk home from work and his whole world seemingly changes. Recognizing her peculiarly liberated mindset of life and what it means to be happy, Guy reflects on his own life and meets with her to …show more content…

Following the combination of this and a traumatic ordeal at work from the night before, Guy feels sick and stays home from work. With a sense of suspicion regarding Guy’s sickness, his fire chief, Captain Beatty, comes to his house, curiously questions him about a book he is suspected to have, and leaves him with an ominous reminder of the punishment of book protectors: imprisonment. After Beatty has left, Guy finally reveals his book collection to his wife Mildred, and understands that he must read through the books for their meaning in relation to life itself. While he at first attempts to read through the literature with Mildred, he knows that he must take it to a brighter, philosophical individual and arrives at the doorstep of a man that he met long ago. Welcoming him, the man, Faber, speaks with Guy about his plan to implement books in society by infiltrating by recruiting allies in the firefighting community to aid with his revolutionary idea. Once this meeting concludes, Guy briefly returns home and spills his true thoughts to Mildred before going to

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