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“Some people cross your path and change your whole direction.” This quote relates to Ray Bradbury’s character Clarisse, who moved the plot even after her death. Before Clarisse, Montag had never met someone who asked, “why” instead of “how.” Clarisse is the reason Montag started thinking about the world, the good and the bad things. She sparked his questioning of everything, and made him appreciate the small things in life. Even after her death she remained the voice and strength Montag needed to speak out and “fix” the world they had both lived in. In the end, she was just a girl who knew way too much for her own good. McClellan made Guy Montag acknowledge and enjoy the small things in life. Before Clarisse, Guy never walked or drove slow to see the color of things. This disturbed her, she loved to catch raindrops on her tongue, and watch the world along with listen to the voices or sounds around her. For this exact reason, Clarisse would leave small surprises for Montag on his…show more content…
Soon enough she is ran over by a car and killed, but this does not stop her from affecting Guy. Even with her gone, he starts and finishes the fight for the rights of books. In a way she was with him throughout the entire book, through spirit of course, mentoring him and pushing him along the way. In a way its like Montag did what he did not for Clarisse. “The 17 and crazy”, Clarisse Mcclellan greatly influenced the plot of Fahrenheit 451. With her never-ending questions and her way of thinking. Without her presence, nothing would have changed and everyone's way of thinking, including Montag’s, would have stayed the same. When Clarisse was standing in the street that night, no one thought she would have such a big impact on anyone or anything. However, she did. Montag did not know it yet, but the moment he saw Clarisse in the street that night, his life and way of thinking were forever
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