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Personal Statement
A frail little girl, who had contracted Malaria upon leaving her country of Nigeria, arrived to America with her family in the year 1996. That little girl was me. Upon my arrival, I received immense care and support from the doctors and nurses of Oakland 's Children 's Hospital. My doctors informed my parents that we came to America just in time to receive proper treatment. Had we not, my conditioned would have worsened and I would not have survived.

My family and I migrated from Nigeria in pursuit of furthering our education and acquiring the financial stability critical to assisting our family members back home. Ironically, it was a financial challenge for us to move to America. My parents worked a myriad of jobs in
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After I graduate from with an MPH I plan to be certified as a public health professional and I aspire to work for organizations such as Center of Disease Control, World Health Organization, and United States Agency for International Development. I believe that George Washington University/Milken Institute School of Public Health will enable me to reach my goals in life and create a lasting impact in society. GW’s program is one of the leading public health universities in the United States and it would be an honor and an admirable trait to be able to attend and successfully graduate from a school of such prestige. In addition, the online format for the MPH program is conducive and beneficial to my learning experience due to its flexibility and attainability; it allows me to receive quality education while continuing with the rigors of life. As a graduate student I shouldn’t feel limited with a traditional on-campus learning, although online education also contains its challenges. My experience as an online student has tested my true commitment to my education, challenged me to be more disciplined, and efficient manage my time. I am yearning to obtain my Master of Public Health from George Washington University because this program will equip me with the necessary tools needed to be successful as a public health

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