Gwaine's Party: A Fictional Narrative

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It was impossible to be anything other than incredibly excited. The party was a few hours away, and Gwaine came crashing through the front door, brushing snow off his thick winter jacket and kicking off his muddy boots. A wet, heavy snow had started falling about an hour prior, but it was winter Maine… what did they all expect?

“Well?” Percival shouted from the kitchen. He, Merlin, Arthur, and Leon were hard at work getting the last of the food prepared. “How did it go?”

Gwaine, his head hanging low, shuffled into the kitchen, and Percival’s heart sank. Had Gwaine bombed his performance? But his rehearsals had been so fantastic yesterday!

“Well, I guess that’s it,” Gwaine said. “It seems like…” His head shot up and he grinned. “I nailed it! All thanks to you and Merlin. I got an A-plus! And guess what else? My professor recommended me for the MFA program here. Gwaine
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“I can barely reach your neck!”

Percival crouched down and she laughed.

“You know, you look really pretty tonight,” he said. Percival didn’t have the same skills with the ladies that Gwaine did, so he just said what was in his heart. And he wanted to kiss her so badly, Mithian, with her warm brown eyes and beautiful, hearty laugh.

Before she could reply, Percival decided to take a chance. He leaned down and pressed a long, soft kiss to Mithian’s lips. Her mouth tasted like peppermint, spicy and delicious, just like her.

“What took you so long?” she asked, gazing up at him with affection once the kiss ended. “I’ve been waiting for that forever!”

“You have?”

“Yeah! And I never got to thank you for dealing with Cenred last semester. I saw what happened that afternoon when you told him to watch himself. He never bothered me again after that.”

The old fury over Cenred swelled up inside of Percival again. “Did he hurt you?”

Mithian shook her head. “Not physically, but he broke my heart and got a real kick out of it. I’m glad to be rid of
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