Gwendolyn Brooks The Mother Analysis

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A Past That Won’t Let You Forget
Remorse or regret typically follow a woman after an abortion once they realize they can’t take back their actions, and what they will now miss out on. Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem “The Mother” makes me remember my feelings as an unwed, pregnant teenager in high school, when everyone tried to convince me that abortion was my “only choice”; but I knew that my choice to keep my daughter would save me from remorse, the unknowns, and missing out on so much, feelings displayed by the woman in Mrs. Brooks’ poem who regrets her decisions.
First, remorse plays a huge role in the life of the woman in “The Mother” who has an abortion, and this makes me remember thinking about how sad and how much remorse I would have if I would have gotten an abortion. The mother in this story is aware that she can’t take back her decision. Unfortunately, this is true. Abortion is a permanent choice that can’t be taken back. Once this mother realizes she can’t take this back, she doesn’t know exactly what to feel. Angry, grieving, and confused, she doesn’t know what to do or think either, displayed by her statement “Oh, what shall I say? How is the truth to be said?”(Line 28). Imagining all the emotions and feelings this mom is dealing with is a lot to think about. Knowing I couldn’t get back a child I really did end up wanting would be a scary feeling. This mom also
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If I had chosen my “only choice”, I wouldn’t be where I am at in life today. My daughter is my greatest blessing, so I feel so much hurt for a woman who has not chosen the path that I did, and I genuinely hope that they are able to handle their decision, because if I had done that, I would not be able to handle it. I would wrestle with so many things, constantly, such as the woman in “The
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