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Gym class is always a class kids remember. Either they wish they had more of it or they wish they didn’t have to do it. Maybe they are bigger and cannot do everything the other kids do, they are scared of getting hurt, or they just want to play games with their friends. These cannot always be avoided, but a few things are certain. More gym can help drop obesity rates in kids, reduces stress, and improve academics.
Gym can help drop the obesity rate in children. This was found in a new study published in the Journal of Health Economics. This was some of the first studies that show a very high correlation between physical education and the weight of elementary schoolers. In, turn it found that physical education has been fighting against a growing obesity epidemic. It also said that eighteen percent of states
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Researchers at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan followed the grades of 266 undergraduates. They found students that participated in physical activities scored on average .4 points higher on their GPA (out of 4.0) than others who did not exercise. Also, students who studied for long periods of time were more likely to exercise regularly (Parker-Pope). This suggests that having a good work ethic highly correlated to having a high commitment to exercising. Even though this study was done with college students, the same results would happen to younger students. The only difference is some young children do are not able to work out on their own time, so the time they have for physical activity is gym.
Having longer gym classes is important for getting good grades, relieving stress, and making kids healthier. Love it or hate it, the facts are gym and physical activity can help people and kids have a better life overall. People should just try that gym class, even though they won’t think they like it. It will solve some of the biggest problems students face in school with one sixty minute period. It is time to get
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