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Visiting a gym for the first time? А сheat sheet for the beginners

So you finally decided it is time to hit the gym. But if you have never attended one before, starting an exercise routine can be challenging and complicated. If you want to stick to your resolve, you this cheat sheet to make the most out of your initial sessions and keep your motivation to continue working out.
Before the workout
Visit your doctor before starting any exercise routine. It may sound boring but it's especially important if you're over 30 or have any preexisting medical conditions. Make sure to learn about any contraindications for avoiding particular types of exercises.
Eat a healthy snack packed with slow carbs before setting out to the gym. Eat 30 to 90 minutes
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If you don't know how to use a particular machine or have any problem, feel free to ask for help. There should be floor attendants who are there to help you with any problems. And forget about the notion that someone will be watching or making fun of you. Most people go to the gym to reach their own goals and therefore concentrate on themselves. At the same time avoid listening to advice if you're not sure of its source. Some gym regulars consider themselves an authority on everything concerning fitness, even if all their knowledge comes from popular magazines.
Don't skip the warm-up and the cool-down. Warming up prepares your body for the exertion you're going to put it through. Without the proper warm-up session, you won't be able to reach your full potential and are risking trauma. Warming-up and cooling-down are especially important for the first few sessions, as they will help your body recover before the next session.
After the workout is over
Use light movement to ease muscle soreness. If your muscles feel sore the day after your workout, try to keep moving. Relaxed walk or a few laps in the pool will help your muscles recover quickly. Massage can also be a great way to remove soreness after exercise.
Use contrast hot and cold therapy to speed up the recovery. Beside traditional advice about drinking water and eating high-protein food, you can try using cold and hot packs. Cold will sooth the soreness while heat will relax your muscles and

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