Gymnast Controversy

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It was a regular day at the gym at 6:30 am, year 2012. Adrenaline is a very big gymnastic facility. It has blue carpeted floors, had amazing locker rooms in which a lot of memories were made and you could see everything from one vantage point. At this point of my life I had been doing gymnastics for five years, I was 9 years old. My team just got done at the bars and where moving on to the floor. My hands bloody and taped up and I smelt like chalk and sweat. Starting with simple tumbling, we warmed up to more advanced tumbling. We came to my favorite part of warm ups, cross tumbling. Standing there on the floor waiting for my turn, I talked to my friend Mebo who’s your typical little girl with huge muscles. She had brown hair and the bluest eyes like the sky, but brighter. She had a round baby face giving you a clue that she’s a younger girl. “So, you ready for competition season to start?” I wondered. “Yea, I guess, I’m just nervous.” She murmured. “Me too. But don’t worry, you will do great. Your like the strongest one here,…show more content…
I stood there dumbfounded thinking for sure I couldn’t do this all by myself. But of course I knew that I could indeed do it by myself. For I have had two years of practicing and perfecting this skill. I remember a particularly bad practice a few weeks prior. I had done awful on every single event. We had conditioned really hard, to the point where I felt like crying. I felt exhausted. One more event I told myself, you can do it. We started to tumble and my coach was spotting me on my roundoff back handspring. But, I always kept messing up, never landing on my feet, my coach yelling at me to just do it already and not make a fool out of my self. So I tried even harder, but I never did well. I was relieved when the practice got over. I went to the locker room and just slumped down sweaty and gross and tired. And not to mention, I hurt
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