Gymnastics: A Narrative Analysis

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I never really took school very seriously. I thought gymnastics was more important than my education and my mom tried to point the problem out. She would explain to me that if I was unwilling to bring my grades up I was not going to participate in gymnastics. Hearing this made me furious and I kept a grudge against my mom for this. My mom would make a point that I better change my attitude if I wanted to go to college and make a life for myself. Of course that didn 't make me change at all I was to angry to listen to her and i thought I was right. My mom and I would get into fights so often and to the point we wouldn 't talk for a day at a time. The relationship between us was growing farther and farther apart. But when 10th grade came around that was gonna change. I would go…show more content…
My mom had warned me over and over to change my attitude, I never did. When the end of december rolled around it was a daily occurrence to argue with my mom. After a month of fighting I was told that I should move down to my dads. Out of spite I said yes right away.This sounded like the best thing ever in that point of time. I thought it was going to be better and my dad was going to let me get away with more things. I thought moving down to my dads would be the greatest thing ever. I thought I would have more freedom and that I just wouldn 't have to do my work. At the end of december I packed my bags and moved down to my dad 's in New Jersey which was three hours away from where I had previously been living. Moving down to my dads didn 't make my life perfect. I fought with my dad a lot in the beginning and thought to myself did i make the wrong . The fights would get so mad I would walk out of the house and we wouldn 't talk for days at a time. It was my choice to move down there so I started to learn how life at my dad 's was gonna be. I was on my own to figure out how to get along with my dad and what I was gonna do about school. Was I going to change my attitude or was I going to stay
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