Narrative Essay About Gymnastics

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It was about 10:00 am in the morning. It was very sunny, my mother was in the living room cleaning, my father was in the kitchen cooking. I had just woke up, ready for my first day of gymnastics. I was about 11 years old, this was my first time ever trying gymnastics. I didn’t have much gymnastics experience, besides when my brother and I did flips and tricks on my neighbors trampoline when they weren’t home, but that was the only experience I had with gymnastics besides what my mother taught me. I shot out of my bed, got my gymnastics stuff ready and was running out the door before my mother pulled me back in and told me it wasn’t time to go yet. She told me, I had a couple more hours to go before it was time. I drug myself inside and sat on the couch, dreading waiting longer than what I had too. My dad had got done cooking breakfast, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and sausage. It looked so good. Me, being the 11 year old I am, decide to load my plate up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat all of what I had grabbed, but I still grabbed it all because I wanted to make sure I had enough energy for gymnastics. After I ate half of what was on my plate, I go outside and practice cartwheels. My mother was in gymnastics in…show more content…
I put my hair in a ponytail, got my leotard and spandex on and was ready to hit the road. I jumped into the car and waiting for my mother. I remember sitting there thinking what it was going to be like and what we were going to do. On the way there my mother was talking to me about how she had such a great time doing the sport, how I was turning out to be and that I would like the sport too. I already loved it before I even got to the practice. The closer we got, the more nervous I got. My anxiety was running through the building and all I could think about was how the other girls were going to act. I didn’t have that much experience besides what I already knew and they probably new
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