Call Center Reflection

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Regular medical check-ups are vital for the human to be healthy and live a productive life. Hence, our university has organized this examination specifically for students. Upon completion of one of the annual body check-ups, I have realized that I have missed thorough gynecological examination. Firstly, I have visited our university doctor, and she directed me to the Republican Diagnostic Center by giving me a phone number of the Call center. My story starts with making an appointment by phone. Despite the fact that I have waited too long for my call to be answered, receptionist has serviced me friendly and fast. Next step was to visit this hospital and meet a doctor at appointed time. This kind of gynecological examination was first for me…show more content…
Moreover, the room was open and had only folding screen, and I felt very uncomfortable about this. Without any explanations, doctor started to hurry me up by raising her voice tone. As I have mentioned, this was my first experience visiting gynecologist, hence I was confused by her words. Then I was asked to sit down on a gynecological chair, where I have never ever sat, and which was very cold as well. Nobody told me how to sit there correctly, and I was lost and sat very slowly. Again, this doctor started to yell at me and say some offensive words to me. This kind of attitude made me cry, because I expected gynecologist to be kind, patient and friendly with girls that have never visited them. Truthfully, due to my emotional stress I even had no words to say. Later, when this nightmare has finished, I was asked to proceed to the doctor’s room for further directions. Thankfully, the nurse was so kind and she calmed me down and advised to visit another gynecologist at this center. She gave me her card, and said that she is very kind and humane toward the patients. The moment I came out of the doctor’s room, I realised that instead of receiving a good service and patient attitude for my first visit, I had a
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