Gypsy Song Analysis

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Gypsy is a masterpiece musical produced by the production team; lyrics by Stephen Sondhiem, a book by Arthur Laurents, and a music by Jule Styne. The whole story is about a stage mother, her name is Rose, with two daughters Louise and June. The main character is Rose and she continues this bossy character with carelessly her sensational daughters. She has tried to show that everything she did is for children with a dream being a star, however, the result turns upside down because it is not children’s willingness. She did it just to fulfill her own dream. Thus, the central theme of this musical is the bossy demanding of a mother is not the best way to treat children. A mother should know with her heart that each child has different talents. Not everybody has an ability to perform on the stage. The song “May We Entertain You” is a great example to see June’s performance compare to Louise when they are on the stage. June can show her extraordinary child as a star with her singing and movement. The lyrics she sings are attractive to an audience. During singing this song, I don’t know exactly if she likes to do it, but the way she presents on stage makes an audience believes that she can entertain…show more content…
The patience of children to follow what a mother demands has a limit. When they get too much pressure and life forcing to be what they don’t want to be, they realize that no more listening to other people. It is the time to choose their own life. Likewise, June walks away Rose because she doesn’t want to be underneath her mother demanding. She is not a child anymore. She should decide her life by herself. Even though June abandons Rose, she won’t give up and tries to make Louise being a star instead of June. Later, her dream fails when Louise becomes a burlesque star with well-known name, Gypsy Rose Lee. Louise says no more Rose’s advice needed. She can follow her own dream without a bossy
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