Gypsy Vanner Research Paper

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Alvin Allen
Senior English
4 September 2015
Gypsy Vanner’s and the Mustang’s
Have you heard of a Gypsy Vanner, or maybe a mustang like the one in the childrens movie Spirit? The Gypsy Vanner and the Mustangs are two of the many unique horse breeds known to man and have been added to a top ten list of the best breeds around. Which is the better horse the Vanner or the Mustang? They are both dominant breeds that are bred for specific reasons, so let’s break it down and see who comes out on top as the better horse to have.
The Gypsy Vanner is a beautiful and rare new breed of horse envisioned by the European gypsies. Gypsy Vanners are easily recognized by their long flowing manes and tails, and the profusion of feathers on their feet which makes them look like they are flying when they run. The gypsy is widely kmown for its black and white pinto coat color, however Gypsy horses may be any coat color ranging from a solid color to a mixture of colors. The Gypsy horse was bred by the Romanichal of Great Britain to pull the vardoes in which they lived and traveled.
Mustangs are descendants of the Spanish or Iberian horses that were brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the sixteenth century. The name was derived from the Spanish word ‘Mustengo’ which means ‘ownerless beast’ or ‘stray horse.’ Mustangs are a medium sized breed,
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The Bureau of Land Management manages the U.S. mustang population and allows the horses run free on 34 million acres of public land. About 271,000 mustangs have been removed from private land by the government since 1971, according to the American Wild Horse Preservation Organization. Most of the mustang populations are found in the Western states of Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, California, Arizona, North Dakota and New Mexico. Some also live on the Atlantic coast and on islands such as the Sable, Shackleford, Assateague and Cumberland
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