H Holmes Murder Castle

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H.H. Holmes:
A Prince and His Murder Castle
A lot of people are oblivious to the things that happen in our world. Many people don’t know about serial killers in the United States. There have been many murderers all around the world, but none quite like Henry Howard Holmes. Holmes is said to be the first serial killer in the United States. Although some may not know about him, he is one of the most famous serial killers in history. On May 16 1861, Theodate Price gave birth to Herman Webster Mudgett in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. Mudgett was the third born child. He had and older sister named Ellen, an older brother named Arthur and a younger brother named Henry. Their father was a very abusive alcoholic and their mother was a
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1884.While Mudgett was enrolled he stole cadavers from the laboratory and claimed they had been killed accidentally in order to receive insurance money (H.H. Holmes).
Not long after graduated Mudgett left his wife and son and moved to New York where he was seen with a young boy who later disappeared. When asked about it Mudgett stated that the boy went back to his home in Massachusetts. Holmes fled to Philadelphia where he got a job at the drugstore. When a boy turned up dead after taking the medicine provided by the drugstore, Mudgett claimed he had nothing to do with it and left town. Mudgett changed his name to Henry Howard Holmes to avoid being tracked down and reported. Holmes moved to Wilmette Illinois where he met Mytra and got married January 28, 1887. In July of 1889 Mytra gave birth the Holmes’ daughter, Lucy Theodate Holmes. While living in Wilmette Illinois, Holmes worked in Chicago at another drugstore. He met Georgina Yoke and got married to her in January of 1894, still married to both Myrta and Clara (H.H.
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They began dating and she moved to Chicago with Holmes, where he gave her a job at the hotel. He later made her move to Fort Worth, TX, where he proposed to her and convinced her to send her sister, Anna, to Chicago. Anna agreed and was given a job at the hotel (H. H. Holmes). Anna lived with her aunt in Boston and kept contact with her while in Chicago. Her last letter to her aunt stated that her, Henry (Holmes), and Minnie were leaving for Europe, where Anna would stay to study art. Neither Minnie, nor Anna were heard from again (Martin, J.
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