H. Kerzner's Contrast By Project Management

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Project Management
What is meant by project management?
Project management is simply the way in which different areas that are considered in a particular project concerned are bought together in order to achieve a common goal.
There are different views that are given by different people about project management. All these ideas, differ from one person to another person which means that each of those will vary. Some of the views are described below.
According to the author H.Kerzner, his view about project management is described as follows.
Project management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of company resources for a relatively short term objective that has been established to complete specific goals and objectives.
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The main things that are taken into consideration here is finding out the necessary needs and the wants of the stakeholders and coming up with a specific plan.
Scope Management
This mainly refers in achieving the specifics needs and the goals in relation to the particular activities that take place in the business. This is all that has to be included in the project that is being developed where on one hand the necessary work that the project has to complete is considered. This is simply figuring out what needs to be included if there are activities that are not included.
Time Management
Time is the most crucial factor when taking any project or an activity considered. There are certain activities that have to be done according to a specific time period. Which means that each of the activities are allocated a certain time duration in which the task or the particular activity has to be completed. Since, this factor is one of the most important ones, without proper management of time based on each of the activities, the whole project management team along with the activities of the project will be a standstill. One of the best ways to avoid this is proper scheduling. This method mainly helps in scheduling each of the tasks related to each of the activities where a specific duration can be allocated as
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The first and foremost thing that has to be identified is the roles and the responsibilities of the Project and according to that the necessary management plan could be designed.
Communication Management
Communication is the way in which the opinions and the ideas of each of the individuals are expressed in one way. Communicating with each of the others mainly help in collecting ideas based on each of the factors that are being considered in the development of the project. For an instance, there are constant changes that take place based on each of the areas when a particular project is being developed. So in order to inform these changes, it is necessary to keep the stakeholders informed or the particular individual concerned based on the changes that are
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