H & M Case Study Organizational Behavior

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Hennes & Mauritz AB, also known as H&M, is a fashion lane where the company focuses on selling clothes with affordable prices with various kinds of designs of clothes that suits people of all kinds of ages. H&M was first found in Sweden 68 years ago which was during the year of 1947 and now H&M can be found worldwide, having about 61 countries. As H&M is a fast-fashion and a multinational retail-clothing store, the company has hired a lot of employees to maximize their production process. Thus, the company focuses more on the fair living wage of their employees. H&M does not own their own factories or manufacturing industry, so they are constantly seeking support from the government to support their manufacturing processes. So, the company…show more content…
The training school is the company’s continuous efforts to maintain the unique Italian craftsmanship where it is the company’s long term strategy. Every year, Prada would open up a training course for 60 youngsters to teach them all the skills requires to make all the high-end leather goods, accessories and clothes. By doing this, they not just able to maintain their quality of their products yet are able to decrease the unemployment problem in Italy. On the other hand, Prada has distinct roots where they fit the man to the job. Where Prada carefully selects their employees based on the criteria that they have set up. Prada cares a lot about their employees’ appearance and age. If their employee has reached to a certain age where their appearance has started aging, the company will seek them and give them an early retirement. They prefer youngsters to work in their company compared to older ones. This is simply unfair towards the older…show more content…
Not just that, Prada has given them life and work balances, where they will have a balance of both work and life. Every year, employees will be given 18 days of vacation leave, where employees can relax themselves from the working life. Other benefits that employee from Prada can get is that they will be given free lunch, have a good environment where the employees can relax whenever they are feeling stress in a coffee room, as the uniform are given by the company itself, dry cleaning services will be charged into the company’s account rather than the employees have to pay for themselves. Communications are opened up to every employee about their thoughts, and talking bad about other departments are strictly

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