H & M Case Study

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1.0 INTRODUCTION History & Background of H&M One world’s second biggest retailer in the apparel industry and a standout, H&M Hennes & Mauritz has built and maintained stores all over the world with almost 70 years of existence. H&M has a widespread in more than fifty countries and an enormous number of employees of more than hundred thousand. Leads over the third largest global apparel retailer in the United States expanded stores in Asia, Australia, and Europe. Moreover, with 800 industrial facilities to make the apparels, accessories, and stock them up. H&M’s imaginative worth of effort happens in the Sweden office, where outlines are finalized, production planning, major decisions and real choices pertaining distribution take place. 1.1 The H&M Way — Culture of the Organisation The H&M way believes that common values create energy and commitment. By providing a dynamic, creative, and fun workplace where teamwork is essential. All the employees of H&M is an ambassador for the company – everything internally and externally matters. The values of the company ensure a workplace in which the decision path is short, working together at a fast pace, and can rely on each other’s skills, abilities, and knowledge. H&M creates a unique and different work atmosphere. Other cultural values include based on the Code of Conduct of H&M, the Open Door Policy, allows the opportunity to directly discuss any work-related issue openly with their managers, decentralization in the

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