H & M International Expansion Strategy

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Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) is Sweden based global company in the clothing industry. H&M has over 2600 stores in 43 different countries. H&M is known for their stylish or quality merchandise and its affordable prices. H&M has the aim and goal to provide quality fashion at the best and affordable prices. H&M also has the goal to provide good knowledge and product with good quality of well design, fashion, and textile (Matos, 2012). H&M is also known to be the largest fashion company in the world that employs more than 104 000 employees or workers and H&M has stores over 43 different countries including Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, North America and Europe. According to Darj, one of the attractions of the South African market for H&M is…show more content…
Although H&M does not own or operate factories, they have the aim to increase their sustainability. H&M has the ability to grow and expand their business successfully in all their existing and potential markets. According the H&M annual report, H&M are pursuing franchising and wholly-owned subsidiary as their mode of entry in the expansion strategy, because H&M’s business is financed by their own resources. H&M pursue different expansion strategies in each country or market. H&M has the expansion strategy to open 10-15% more stores per year. H&M’s number of stores has increased under its brand (such as Cheap Monday, Weekday H&M and much more) due to their current expansion. H&M are pursuing licensing and wholly owned subsidiary as a mode of entry. Wholly Owned Subsidiary is one of the modes of entry that H&M are currently pursuing and the reason why H&M are pursuing wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore and Malaysia is, because those countries are politically stable. H&M gained competitive advantage of low risk and constant profit margin in Singapore and Malaysia, because it is politically stable. The reason why H&M pursues wholly owned subsidiary in countries such as in America and Canada is, because H&M can have a control (full) over their stores. Franchising can only be used when the…show more content…
H&M expansion strategy is to venture into new markets and focus more on expanding their stores throughout the world. H&M are planning to expand their productions in the Asian countries such as China and Ethiopia. The reason why H&M are pursuing wholly owned subsidiary as a future expansion strategy is, because of the strong development and there is great opportunities in China and Ethiopia. Using wholly owned subsidiary will assist in decreasing the unemployment rate in the country. H&M is aiming to compete with their competitors by increasing their resources through all the markets (H&M - Expansion Strategies, 2017). H&M has the future expansion strategy to pursue licensing and H&M can use licensing to enter Asian countries such as Ethiopia by building new factories for H&M supplies (H&M - Expansion Strategies,
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