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Thought Leadership

Our team have decided on using fashion icon Katherine Elizabeth "Kate" Upton as H&M - BELLE’s spokesperson. We strongly believe that she is the ideal choice of being a spokesperson for this year’s H&M product launch Annual exclusive Fashion Catwalk 2014 as she is an internationally well-known American model and actress, known for her appearances in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit” Issue. Kate Upton was also named Rookie of the Year following her first appearance in 2011 and was the cover model for the 2012 and 2013 issues. She was also the subject of the 100th anniversary Vanity Fair cover. Kate Upton was also featured in various popular fashion magazines like Globe, from Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, V and Love
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Even though our H&M is located in Singapore, production happens in countries like China and India. There has been strict production regulations and we have to follow not only Singapore’s law but the other countries’ laws and regulations.It is a legal requirement to go for regulations of the chemicals they use in the clothings. The foreign currency has been unstable and this affects Singapore as we depend on a lot of tourists to come and purchase our goods.

High demand for raw materials has caused the increase in its price. This makes production for H&M a little challenging as we need to look into the costs of production and make sure that we are not losing money. However, the growing markets in Asia has helped H&M gained recognition in Asia. H&m’s is in a fast fashion and highly competitive market. Due to this, H&M has to make itself a point to be globally active. Always keeping updated to the current trend so as to adapt itself to the
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Online shopping makes it easier for people to purchase goods. Nowadays, people are looking into going for online events for convenience with cheaper prices that at outlets or stores.

SWOT Analysis

Strength of the event:
H&M is an internationally recognised brand for its affordable apparels for women. Hence, this makes it easier for H&M to get sponsors for our fashion catwalk event. Booking a venue and all other costs needed for our event will not be a problem due to the large sponsorship we would be able to get. Advanced technologies has made equipment readily-available and we will be well equipped for the event.

Weaknesses of the event:
For our event, our target market is only limited to high end females. This may cause a weakness as we are targeting only a small and specific market. Also, this is a new product launch, hence there is a risk that it might not be well received by our target audience. Weather condition is uncertain and this might affect the attendance of the event.

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