H & M: Resource-Based View (RBV)

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 Resourced-Based View (RBV) The RBV is a method of analyze and identifying a firm’s strategic advantages based on examination its distinct combination of assets, skills, capabilities, and intangible as an organization. Core Competencies H & M are capable in fast changing of their design and emphasize in their quality. Based on the case mention, H & M are fears that the product are not good enough, brand appeal is fading or that prices have been undercut by an even cheaper competitor. H&M has an ownership advantage through its ability to produce the trendiest clothing and reach it to individual stores in an extremely competitive lead time of 20 days (You can change it based on your essay), owing to the efficiency of its worldwide suppliers.…show more content…
This is because H & M had holds a large number of employees and take their employee as valuable assets for the company. The brand reputation is valuable resources for H & M. They had strong brand loyalty among their customers through the H & M engage in the sale of clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, and home textiles. H & M had a strong position in the market due to the quality and design on their product had maintained the customer loyalty towards their brand. In addition, the reusable product of H & M also is one of the brand recognition of H & M due to they currently are implement recycling and reuse program and this can help to diminishing of scarce resources (Academia.edu, n.d) and also reduce the production cost. Moreover, the reputations of the company with supplier are H & M had aim for their suppliers to take more and more ownership for ensuring good working conditions and environmental performance for themselves. They also do support the supplier in a number of ways, including the provision of training and capacity building. Furthermore, their primary focus is on their strategic suppliers. Due to the strategic suppliers is their best supplier in terms of the balance between price, lead-time, and compliance with their Code of Conduct, quality and sampling ((H & M, n.d). The issues of H & M is the supplier of H & M is primarily focus outsourcing of all production to a network of 800 selected suppliers which mainly located at Asia and

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