H. Pylori Case Study

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diagnosis :
A variety of methods for the detection of H. pylori have been described shortly after the identification of this pathogen and they have been continually improved and extended over time. Diagnostic methods for H. pylori infection are usually classified as invasive and noninvasive. The invasive tests including histology, urease tests and culture, require upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for obtaining the diagnostic sample. On the other hand, non-invasive methods include the urea breath test, serology and stool antigen test .(12)
Invasive Methods :
Rapid Urease Test
The Rapid Urease Test (RUT) is a popular invasive diagnostic H. pylori test that is relatively quick, cheap and simple to perform. It detects the presence of urease in or on the gastric mucosa. Best results for RUT are obtained if biopsies are taken from both the antrum and corpus. The biopsy used for RUT can also be used for other tests such as for molecular-based tests of microbial susceptibility or for host factors. False positive results are rarely observed.
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pylori culture is not a routine procedure in initial diagnosis, in many bacteriology laboratories H. pylori isolation via the culture of biopsy samples is a routine second line approach. Because of the demanding character of this bacterium, this method remains challenging. This technique, although highly specific, is not as sensitive as other tests like histology and the rapid urease test. As well as for purposes of scientific research, cultured live H. pylori is used for diagnostic approaches and for the detection of antibiotic resistance if treatment failure is suspected [20]. H. pylori requires a microaerophilic atmosphere (5% to 10% oxygen, 5% to 12% carbon dioxide and 80%–90% nitrogen with humidity) and a complex culture media. The most commonly used media contains Brucella, Columbia Wilkins-Chalgren, brain-heart infusion or trypticase agar bases, supplemented with sheep or horse blood

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