H & R Block Case Study

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The Organization:

H&R Block is an American tax services company founded in 1955 by brothers Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch. This global organization provides payroll, accounting and business consulting services around the world including in North America, Australia, and India. The organization has been focused on client service for over 60 years. In addition, they offer consumer tax software, as well as online tax preparation and electronic filing from their websites. The H&R Block World Headquarters building is located in Kansas City, Missouri. They currently operate approximately 12,000 retail tax offices worldwide, and their employees are more than 70,000 tax professionals. In New York, they also have many retail tax offices. Financially,
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Also, they returned over $500 million of capital to shareholders, including a 10% increase in the quarterly dividend and improved the EBITDA margin by over 300 basis points to 29.8%. There are a substantial number of tax return preparation firms and accounting firms offering tax return preparation services, and H&R Block faces significant competition from independent tax preparers and certified public accountants. The major competitors for H&R Block are Liberty Tax, Inc and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. H&R Block’s business is dependent on the availability of a seasonal workforce, including tax professionals, and the ability to hire, train, and supervise employees. The most valuable benefits that employees get from H&R Block is the ability to balance work and life. The company is a tight-knit team whose members treat each…show more content…
She has been working at H&R Block for more than 10 years. As a Tax Office Manager, she is responsible for daily management and performance. Ms. Liang graduated from Brooklyn College with Bachelor’s degree in Public Accounting. She earned her CPA license in 2008. During her senior year of Brooklyn College, she worked as a Tax preparation intern at H&R Block. Because of her outstanding performance in her internship, she was hired as a staff member in the Tax Department of H&R Block. In this position, she is in charge of all office operations, staffing, and customer services. She reports to the Senior Manager or Director of H&R Block. Her responsibility is to accurately and efficiently manage her clients’ tax reporting and planning and ensure compliance of all tax laws. She supervises about 45 staff members in the company. Ms. Liang is looking for an experienced Tax Professional to join her growing team. During the interview, she generally focuses on a candidate’s past tax preparation

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