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Everyone dreams of getting a high paying job of their interests, right? Well, I think finding a job like that isn’t hard but it takes time to find what suits you. The good thing is I already have a grasp on what I enjoy doing. I love Chinese dramas and variety shows and thought often about how it would be like to work for one. The work behind the scenes always fascinates me. From the special effects to the design of props and clothes, a lot of effort is put into it to give the best for viewers. H&R Century Pictures is a company specialized in the investment, production, and publication of movies and television series. Under the company are some of my favorite actors/actresses (including Yang Mi, Li Yi Feng and Dilireba) and some of my favorite …show more content…

Being an investment manager for a company is not easy though. They would have to consider many aspects before investments and understand the risk involved in order to help their company gain profits. I would like to offer some suggestions in H&R Century Pictures’ investment strategy. Like all investors know, it’s wise for diversification in portfolios. It’s a lot less riskier than concentrated portfolios because in a concentrated portfolio, if the stock you invest in fails, all money will be lost, where in a diversified portfolio if one of the sectors you invested in fails, lost will be minimized by the gains of other sectors investments. Other than balance the portfolio, it’s also important to know what stocks to buy. One wrong decision and the company might lose money. It’s not like you could buy a bunch of random stocks and hope it’ll all go …show more content…

Yep! Disney is one of the largest and most well known media and entertainment corporations in the world. It had made billions from the multiple services they provide, including parks/resorts, consumer goods, media networks and studio entertainment. Why should you buy it though? Well, in December, 2017, Disney had announced that it would buy out 21st Century Fox (FOX) for $52.4 billion. The buyout is scheduled to be in mid 2018, still awaiting regulatory approval. Through the deal, Disney would gain ownership of Fox’s many TV assets which will focus on the company’s movies and TV production as well as sports networks. Also more currently, Disney released the movie Black Panther in February, 2018. It had been popular within the audience and had shattered records for multiple box office records. The movie had been a big hit and made millions in revenue. Disney will also release new movies throughout the year. One of them includes the remake of the classic “A Wrinkle in Time”. The fantasy time-travel includes an all star cast that will surely draw in young fans as well as older fan of the novel. These highly anticipated films would sure ensure Disney in making profits, looking at how successful the release of the Black Panther was. Disney stocks could even be skyrocketing in

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