HACA Parental Involvement: A Case Study

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Open Communication and Involvement Through open communication this encourages parental involvement, more understanding of factors which affect the student 's’ performance and an open dialogue for the teacher and the parents to work together to create a balance for the student. The disconnection between parents and the school system affects parents and students including public housing residents, and the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis (HACA) employees. HACA Helping HACA employees want to see their residents succeed, especially students by supporting several new initiative proposals including the Partnership and Resource Development. The HACA proposal initiative will increase parent participation in the schools which…show more content…
Now we are aware of all the programs that suit a student and their needs to exceed academically, the initiative also offers more opportunities for students to bond with their family and a multitude of extracurricular activities. HACA offers students the opportunity to attend enrichment field trips to continue their learning and to explore their local community historical landmarks, parks, vernacular architecture or even the flora and fauna. For families, HACA offers a Family Night Out to provide an opportunity for families to meet. But best of all HACA offers the opportunity for students to participate in athletics such as basketball and swimming along with summer programs. HACA covers all of the family and student needs with the effects of an unstable student and family are quickly forgotten due to the numerous HACA programs…show more content…
In the article by LaBahn, his colleague, Gelfer states “This helps to provide a bond between home experiences and the educational program” (LaBahn 1). First this means support in the school to ensure teachers provide the school to home communication. The notifications can come in the form of physical papers newsletters or memos or in electronic format of robo calls, texts, or emails. Getting the information to the parents is important so they are aware of what is going on. Second, the education system benefits from electronic communication to create a two way dialogue via e-mail and texting to parents (giving them the option to sign up) or on-line through programs like Edmodo. Even social media such as Facebook and Twitter are become other ways to create a dialog between parents and the school system. Last, encouraging participation in the school for events programs or activities help other parents and teachers to know one another. The level of commitment helps parents to become more familiar with the school environment, its expectations, with the intention to improve student
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