HBCU All-Star Student Analysis

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Initiating and advocating change for students and the community without the expectation of being recognized is what has made me an HBCU All-Star. The moment I came to Nashville to attend the Illustrious Tennessee State University, I vowed to be an advocate for change and lead on and off campus. Countless hours and many sacrifices were made to ensure that my scholarship exemplified academic excellence. Extensive strategic planning and professional development was completed to ensure that my leadership was effective for my student body, local community, and the HBCU community at large. Humble and willing service to my community is what I’ve executed through my civic engagement in political and community affairs. An HBCU All-Star is a person that…show more content…
I became Miss Pre-Alumni for the TSU Alumni Association, elected to be Representative-at-Large for the Student Government Association and then elected again as the Speaker of the House of Student Government Association. In my Student Government positions, I created programs to encourage tutoring within the dorms, health, and new policies for student concerns. Recently, I helped create a new policy that allows proxy voting for voting members along with adding new voting members for various reasons to be allowed to vote. Through the Student Government Association, I learned how to operate through government, create and amending policies, and become a voice for the student body. Academically I was inducted into Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society, Psi Chi International Honor Society, consecutively on the Dean’s List since freshman year with consecutive 4.0 GPA semesters since Sophomore year and am on track to graduate with Honors. Throughout my college career, I have been engaged civically through community service at various organizations such as Mentoring Majesties, Fannie Battle Day Home for Children, and Preston Taylor Ministries performing more than 200 hours of service. In addition to my college and community involvement, I have made advances in my future career to be a healthcare administrator by being selected to participate in the Community Partners Internship through Hospital Corporation of America. Recently, I have been invited back to the internship to participate in a new project that targets behavioral health and access to
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