HCAHPS Survey Essay

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PROBLEM SOLUTION With patients today using the threat of reporting low satisfaction rates in the hopes of receiving faster or higher quality care, they seem to have taken the upper hand in some of the decision making of what takes place in the healthcare world today (Sullivan). But is it really the survey results that will make the drastic changes that are needed? Instead of questioning whether providers spend enough time with patients, ensuring that the provider gives the patient the option of which medical treatment or drug is best for them, or simply having the patient rate the provider from 0-10, zero being “worst provider possible” to ten being “best provider possible,” (Ganey) patients should simply be asked to leave comments or concerns about their visit. It is understandable and unfortunate that not everyone in the healthcare field can do their job professionally and appropriately, and those people should be reported. But when one does do their job in a timely manner and practices “first do no harm,” that should be respected by the population that they are taking care of and not degraded just because someone thinks the wait time is too…show more content…
Questions should be aimed more towards patient wellness, safety, and patient education. Concerns about the patient being informed about delays and wait times should not be included. In an instance where there is an emergency situation in one patient’s room, there should be of little concern whether you told another patient that is waiting how much longer their wait time should be. This takes away important time from the patient that truly needs the medical help at that moment. It can be debated further whether ancillary staff can handle the updating process, but there will always be room for
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