HCG Diet Plan

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The HCG diet plan menu entails having discipline when it comes to food intake, as it is going to be limited. There are corresponding types of foods to be eaten for every phase of the diet plan. This article will discuss the diet plan menu suitable for the HCG weight loss program.
Fresh, organic, and self-cooked food is the best choice. Stay away from processed foods with a lot of preservatives and artificial flavorings. There is a list of approved foods for this diet. This list will serve as a guide throughout the diet.
HCG Diet Menu Phase 1
The loading phase would only require the person to eat as much food as possible. Although there are no specific foods to take in this phase, there are still a few restrictions. Processed – dried, pickled,
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To give added flavor to meals, the juice of one whole lemon can be used in any diet. Sea salt, Celtic salt, or Himalayan salt are the only salt types that can be used. Other condiments such as pepper, mustard powder, chili powder, apple cider vinegar, garlic, parsley, and thyme could be used to provide additional flavor.
One serving of fruit or breadsticks can be used as snacks and eaten in between meals.
HCG Diet Menu Phase 3
From 500 daily calories in phase 2, phase 3 requires to up the calorie intake up to 2000 calories a day. At first, the sudden change in calorie intake will make it harder to eat more. It is because the body is trying to adapt the sudden increase in food intake.
For this phase, the same types of foods in the HCG diet menu of previous phases are to be eaten. The only change is that more food is to be consumed. This will go on for about 21 days.
The end of 21 days is the only time to incorporate more fats and chosen types of carbohydrates to be incorporated in the diet. Fats coming from meat, oils, and nuts are acceptable. Eat only slow digesting carbohydrates such as oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, oats, and fruits. Avoid the ‘dangerous’ type of carbohydrates found in foods such as potatoes, yams, beans, pumpkin, bread, and
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HCG Diet Menu Phase 4
For the last phase, there are no specific food types you are required to consume. In this phase, the target physique is generally already achieved. By this time, it is already proven that the HCG diet plan is one of the diets that work fast. The challenge remains on practicing a healthier lifestyle.
Continually implementing the HCG diet plan menu from previous phases can help. In this last phase, the forbidden foods in the past phases can already be eaten – in moderate amounts. Allowing one’s self access to these kinds of foods, once in a while, will prevent severe food cravings. Phase 4 of the HCG diet plan is the least restrictive. However, greater discipline is needed.
HCG Approved Foods List
Listed below are the foods that can be eaten for the HCG diet plan. This list will serve as a guide for dieters. Sticking to the list will prevent overeating or cheating in the weight loss program.
If a certain food is not seen on the list, then the dieter must stay away from it. Choosing the food items in this list (and having them in appropriate portions, of course) will guarantee the successful weight

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