HCL 315 Team Development Paper

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During my five week course in HCL – 315 Team Development, I have learned a lot regarding what to expect with being a team member and working in a team. The class helped understand what a person should know when you are working in a team, especially in the health care field.
The course highlighted the methods of building effective teams, how to address the management of conflict within the team and teambuilding. The first week of the course we started with completing the Reef Survival Exercise, in which a group of people where stranded what order is materials that were presented to us are important to have in the group of people. We also completed a Heart Transplant Exercise, where we had to list a group of people as to where who would receive a heart transplant. Each project was a team involvement where everyone would give their input and the team leader would submit it on the discussion board. Each team chooses a TV or movie that would fit in with the discussion board; it helped a lot with what we had to discuss. The course talked about forming, storming, norming, and performing. Here are
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In week 4, we went over how to understand the different types of teams, what were the strengths and weaknesses of each team. In the course we discuss innovation team, cross-cultural team, permanent team, temporary team and virtual team. We also discuss intercultural teams and how it affects the work place. Through this assignment I learned that I have worked on a cross-functional and virtual team. With the cross-functional team we have to come together and prepare a work document for a top customer. It was very fun and a lot of brainstorming is involved. With virtual team, it was a little difficult because our internet connection kept failing which delay our project and also delays completing the customer order in a timely manner. When dealing with virtual team it is also best to make sure that the computer has a strong internet connection or at least a second
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