HCP Reflection Paper

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In HCP draft, the things that went well for me was introduction and section one. Not really happy with the draft I submitted because I thought I could have done it better if I was able to do several drafts or at least one drafts with the topic I choose to do for the HCP where I could have received several comments and feedback from the instructor. The things that went wrong in my HCP draft was that I should have not included “Steve Casaus” criminal offender in my section two because with his it made harder to discuss about the crime rate from 1994- 2015 as he was one of those criminal offenders who have done crimes before the 1994. I wish I had talked more about increase in crimes rate specifically from 1994 to 2015 and how they have increased the crimes rate from 1994 to 2015. Moreover, I should have organized my project better where my paper would have been able to follow every paragraph step by step which would have made my HCP project much stronger. A main…show more content…
With multimodal designs I was able to show my readers whom I’m specifically referring to. I learned that with the multimodal design component I am able to persuade my audience much better. However, if I had not included any multimodal design component my project would have been very tedious which many readers do not like to read. I learned from the revision process from feedback from the professor, peer and self-editing is that the more I revised the better it will come because there is always something in the paper which part is unclear to the reader especially for me, my paper was little unorganized, which could have been better if I would have done several revision on
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