HE321 Week 1 Reflection Paper

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One common thing each article involved was that it related directly to HE321 health counseling and the curriculum we covered in class. Mental health does not only affect individual but it affects our society as a whole. As a counselor you must help clients with issues from depression to substance abuse and help clients not only overcome their challenged but develop into healthier human beings mentally as well. Each article was articulated, well balanced and well supported with evidence. Each article also integrated CBT and a client centered approach in a clinical setting in order to create the opportunity for clients to develop skill needed to prevent relapse and treat their problems with substance abuse. Similar to what we learned in class CBT requires individual to learn, identify, and…show more content…
In turn, as a cognitive message, CBT and a client centered approach helped clients to also identify and respond to not only their individual need but the needs of others in a more empathic, compassionate, and accepting way. Each article includes a randomized cohort but combined the interventions and adaptation of CBT and a client centered approach in order to examine research and provide feedback to substance abuse clients. As we concluded in class often and integration of different models or techniques can play an important role in the application and delivery of a therapeutic intervention and after reading the articles I believe the integration was effective and helped limit the amount of drugs clients used during therapy. In the end, CBT and a client centered approach both take into consideration the conscious mind while allowing clients to examine their individual problems at hand and use of drugs. From what we covered in class and from reading the articles the evidence goes hand in hand and explores how these combined therapies help individuals explore they have the ability to determine their own futures and are not necessarily a product of their past or previous

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