HEAP In Needle: A Case Study

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08/05/15 MSW made a re-visit with Pt and caregiver/friend. CG stated Darel from HEAP in Needles did not contact or make a visit to inspect the house, even after he told the MSW he would. Pt is stable now, prior to having a fall last week and being admitted to the hospital. CG is now back from a trip to Washington for family affairs. MSW spent an hour contacting the Community Action Partership of San Bernardino County, HEAP of Needles to get ahold of Darel and every weatherization agency in the county for assistance, but no one was answering their phones. MSW finally got ahold of Vernoina, the office assistent at HEAP Needles. MSW explaned about the Pt 's situation and wanting to get ahold of Daral. She stated Darel has not been out there because HEAP only covers Needles once a year, however, they will get ahold of Darel and have him contact CG and MSW to arrange something to fix the doors, windows and air contisioning if possible.…show more content…
CG stated she will inform MSW once Darel contacts her and report the status of HEAP setting up an appointment. CG assist with meals, landry, transportation to get food and MD appointments. She states she also assists with his bills if needed. CG makes it very clear that she wants the Pt remain in the home and NOT sent to a nursing home! MSW educated CG about the importance of the patients safety within his home. CG stated she will continue to care for the Pt within the home and would "fight anyone who wants to put him in a home". MSW told CG the Pt has the right to refuse alterniate living options and remain in his home. MSW will continue to provide community resource planning and psychological/emotional needs if

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