HIPAA Compliant File Sharing Research Paper

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Top 5 HIPAA Compliant File Sharing Services
Companies and practices use file sharing for storing, sharing, controlling and protecting important business files in the cloud. These programs are important to businesses and individuals who need more space to store files, and additional flexibility to access information anywhere.
While these are extremely powerful tools, they can sometimes be problematic. A business is essentially choosing to entrust its important business files to a third party, handing over control to another entity. This can lead to problems.
Today, businesses are spoilt for choice when choosing the right HIPAA compliant file sharing services to use. Some of these cloud-based, file sharing services are discussed below.
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Its mobile applications are compatible with iPhone, Blackberry phones, Android tablets, iPad, Windows phones, and Android phones.
For Box, BAA agreements exist when a business chooses its Enterprise Plan. The price of the Enterprise plan varies depending on the size of a business as well as the intended number of users.
DropBox boasts of being one of the most widely used file-sharing services in the market. This means many people have at one point used its services, making it an easy option for many businesses.
For a long time, many DropBox users have complained about its failure to comply with HIPAA. The problem was not that DropBox file sharing was not secure, rather, that DropBox had consistently insisted on not signing Business Associate Agreements.
The new change with DropBox means that the company will sign a DAA when you choose its business package. The company makes the DAA agreement available via the business account admin console. It also supports two-factor authentication, mobile security, activity reports and permissions for different users in an
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Google enjoys ISO 27001 certification and has passed both SOC2 & SOC3 audits.
Business that use Google Drive can choose to use its two-factor authentication that secures its data, making hacking extremely hard. It also employs the logging of access information including people who access any given data, in line with HIPAA guidelines.
Google Drive’s file sharing process enjoys Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Google makes available a signed BAA when a business subscribes to any of its core services. G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) has two main plans, G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. G Suite Basic goes for $5 per user every month while the G Suite Business package is priced at $10 per month for each user. Both plans do not require businesses to enter into long-term agreements. The $10 plan gives a user unlimited storage while the $5 plan gives a user 30GB of storage.
People who are used to using Microsoft Office and other Microsoft applications often prefer OneDrive to other HIPAA compliant file sharing services. With OneDrive, businesses can manage their documents both offline and

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