HIPAA Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Compliance with Health Information Management Laws and Regulations
Privacy and confidentiality are the fundamental aspects of health information management. The most important thing in health information management is the assurance to patients that the information they share with health professionals shall be maintained with confidentiality ("HIM Functions in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety", 2018). The absence of such assurances increases the likelihood of patients withholding critical information. Withholding of information in health management may lead to detrimental effects which include adverse effects on the quality, safety as well as the outcome of care. Due to the high level of risk associated with health information, several laws have been enacted to ensure that personal information of clients is protected. In addition to granting patients the right to privacy, these laws
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The HIPAA code of ethics is designed to serve several purposes with the aim of promoting high health information management practice, identify core values for the basis of the health information management mission, providing a summary of broad ethical principle that reflects the core values of the health information management (Davis & LaCour, 2014). Besides, it establishes a set of ethical principles which essential in the decision are making process. It also establishes an operational framework which guides professional behavior and responsibilities in case of conflicts of professional behaviors or when there are uncertainties in ethical behaviors. Besides, it provides ethical principles which enable the public to hold health information professionals into account, mentor practitioners who are new to the field of human information mission, values as well as ethical

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