HIST 1421: Trace How Carthage Became Almost The Equal Of Rome

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HIST 1421: GREEK AND ROMAN CIVILIZATION Unit 5 written Assignment University of the People Term 5(2016-2017) Trace how Carthage became almost the equal of Rome. Be sure to show the strength of both and how this conflict led to Rome becoming a naval power. Introduction: The history of the Ancient empires, there were three Ancient historic Punic wars, which been designated within Carthage and Roman. This battle took place over almost a century, starting in 264 B.C. finally finished and concluding with the end of Carthage in 146 B.C (Morey, 1901). The war between these two nation has been for a long time and the power struggling was well known and the political division always created conflict between them. For instance, by the time, the first Punic war split out, even though the Roman Empire had an occasion to dominate and commanded the power over the Italian peninsula becoming a naval power. However, there was also be a trace how Carthage becomes almost had an equal resistance that compared with Rome that showing the strength to the battle during the …show more content…

The Comparable power it is showed during the second Punic war and shaken the power of Romans. At the end declines from the war and finally lost seriously, and the war ended forever by Roman declaration. The Second Punic War finally placed in an end to Carthage’s empire in the western Mediterranean, give a chance to Rome in control of Spain and letting Carthage hold and keep only its territory in North Africa. The Carthage also required this time to give up its belief and pay the plentiful fine to the Romans in silver (Morey, 1901).The bottom line is the war over with the Roman

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