HIV/AIDS Case Study

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It was found that the second largest social group to be affected by HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom was African communities. Although studies have been previously done on the group, there has been no evidence highlighting African communities as being worse off in terms of sexual healthcare than any other ethnic groups. Yet there is continuous negative social backlash towards HIV and the elements that surround it. Contemporary statistics on HIV/AIDS indicates that HIV positive Africans may have contracted the disease before entering the United Kingdom. Thus there is a greater advocacy for HIV testing in high-risk populations. The summarized paper examines multiple aspects related to acceptance of HIV testing in the at-risk African subsection.
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Primary prevention directed at preventing and spreading HIV contraction, with secondary prevention are pushed toward persons who are aware of their HIV status.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in the UK mirrors global trends. Sub-Saharan African groups in the UK should replicate the approaches towards sexual health as done by the homosexual male community in order to decrease the endemicity of the disease.

The study research team consisted of seventy representatives, who took part in all stages of the study, from conceptualization to post-study evaluation. The workers came from community-based organizations, which gave access to the communities that were to be studied. The Lifestyle study was accomplished over the span of two years, beginning in September 1997.

The survey was commenced in areas that were often patronized by members of the target African communities. These areas were identified through a swift evaluation exercise, which employed multiple socio-anthropological and quantitative methods. Various social areas were elected, based on factors of questionnaire distribution and usage by the target audience; permission was obtained from all site owners before the study was
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