HIV And AIDS Myths

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Myths Regarding HIV and AIDS
There are many HIV and AIDS myths out there. Sadly, HIV and AIDS myths prey on the weak and vulnerable. HIV and AIDS myths are dangerous and contribute to prejudice and stigma. Let's dispel the HIV and AIDS myths out there with this list of the top ten HIV and AIDS related myths.

1. I have just been diagnosed with HIV and AIDS...I am going to die.
This is the biggest myth of all. In fact, people are living with HIV and AIDS longer today than ever before. Medications, treatment programs, and a better understanding of HIV and AIDS allows those infected to live normal, healthy, productive lives.

2. Why don't we have an HIV and AIDS vaccine? It should be easy!
While progress is being made, HIV and AIDS vaccine development
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People over 50 don't get HIV and AIDS.
Don't bet on it. In fact, people over 50 make up a rapidly growing segment of the HIV and AIDS population.

8. We both have HIV and AIDS...we don't need a condom.
Not true. Experts are seeing more and more incidences of re-infection, making HIV and AIDS treatment even more difficult.

9. HIV and AIDS only affects gay men and drug users
In fact, HIV and AIDS can infect anyone. Babies, women, seniors over 50, teens, blacks, whites and Hispanics. At risk behaviour can lead to infection in anyone.

10. HIV and AIDS are the Same Thing
In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth. HIV is a virus and AIDS is a collection of illnesses. Knowing the difference between the two is a very important part of understanding both. Simply put HIV and AIDS are not the same thing.

11. Taking Immune Boosters or Vitamins Can Cure AIDS
There is no known cure for HIV/AIDS. While taking the correct doses of vitamin supplements, along with eating healthily, exercising, not smoking and drinking in moderation can help keep one healthier for longer, large doses of vitamins or immune boosters can compromise one's
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However, antiretroviral therapy is not a cure for

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