HMS Bounty Analysis

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The HMS Bounty was an English ship that sailed to the island of Tahiti and went through the most famous mutiny of naval history. The workers of the boat were taken from the bar and put into the ship, yet Fletcher Christian, a nobleman of england chose to board the ship as a general with no prior experiences. After a year, the Bounty arrives at it’s destination - Tahiti, a small island that contains breadfruit, the crop that they wanted from the expedition. Captain of the ship William Bligh was known as a fierce leader and was not liked by the laid-back crew. Infact, the crew hated him so much, they started a mutiny and took over the ship after much abuse. Captain Bligh had to bring a few followers and himself back to england with only…show more content…
As Captain Bligh himself said, “ I am your captain, your judge and your jury.” This quote means how Bligh himself knows that he has overruling power, and will abuse it whenever he wants. This is basically asking for a mutiny or an uprising in his ship. Another striking excerpt from him is,”Men? Rascals and pirates, you mean.” This demeaning quote shows how he feels nothing towards his men that he had to work with for more than a year on a small boat and how he sees nothing but crooks in their eyes. Fletcher Christian, the rebel says,” He doesn 't punish for discipline, he likes to see men crawl.” What he means is that Captain Bligh goes far beyond just discipline when it comes to punishment, he hurts people for the fun of it because he is a sick man. After all the textual evidence shown, Captain Bligh shows that he is a horrible Captain and human being, and that the crew was more than justified to mutiny the Bounty. Using inhumane and cruel ways of discipline, Captain Bligh shows people that at something doesn 't mean you are a good person. What this tells us is that Captain Bligh, even though an influential sailer, has such a mad temper, that he made people mutiny and get hung for trying to deal with such a horrible human being. In the end, Fletcher Christian and his followers were completely justified to take over the bounty when Bligh was the
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